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IntagHire helps CEOs, COOs and HR leaders with strategy as well as tactical needs, and provides the data and insights to help them grow.

Our on demand, plug-and-play model flexibly accommodates all levels of needs, for less than the cost of a full time employee — turn our services on and off as required.

Only pay for the time you need.


IntagBoost lets you grow at any pace.

Our highly qualified fractional recruiters can supplement your in-house team quickly and efficiently for any length of time.

  1. Avoid hiring a full time recruiter by using our hourly recruiters as needed.
  2. Supplement your existing team to plug in extra support when needed for short term or long term projects.
  3. Specialty roles deserve recruiters who understand the industry and the role. We have specialists in Sales, Tech, G&A , Jr. to Executive levels that can bring a new level of expertise to your efforts.

IntagBoost works great for small, medium and large organizations.


“Theresia and her team were absolutely wonderful. From day one, they knew exactly what we needed. They were proactive. They were thoughtful about our processes, flexible when we needed them to be and willing to have tough conversations as issues arose.”

Chief People Officer of Medvant


IntagStart partners with you to build your HR & Recruiting function aligned to your growth plan.

So many startup ventures have asked us to be their recruitment and HR department that we built a specific product to do just that. With IntagStart, we are your complete source for hiring and managing new employees, thus allowing you to grow quickly and reach your revenue goals ahead of plan.

If you decide to build your own in-house team, we’ll help you with the process and source the talent. Then when you need supplemental help, we’re right back to help you.


Our fractional recruiting service efficiently builds your roster. Beyond 100 employees, where a company typically has formed an internal HR department, IntagHire can supply difficult-to-obtain hiring specialists as needed.
“We needed to build out scalable and sustainable recruiting practices in the short-term so we could be self-sufficient in the long term. Intag Consulting offered a vision and commitment in line with that goal.”
Senior VP of Operations

Starting and growing with IntagHire is simple.

Our clients typically start receiving highly qualified candidates within 24-48 hours of an engagement. So that means we can talk today and you’ll have talent ready to hire in no time.

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