IntagHire is a Top 5 Recruiting Firm.

Support your internal talent department or leverage the full spectrum of IntagHire services to find and match the right candidates with your business.

IntagHire is a Fractional Recruiting pioneer.

Intag Consulting was established in 2016 to fill the need for supplemental recruiting in growing organizations.

We saw developing businesses struggling to recruit top talent, find the right, culturally-fit candidates, and struggle with hires who were unqualified for their appointed positions. So we found a new way to approach hiring! As one of the very first Fractional Recruiting firms, we saw immediate success in our innovative plug-and-play model.

Rated One of the Top 5 Recruiting Firms.

In 2019 we were ranked one of the Top 5 recruiting firms in Austin, Texas and by 2021, we saw our business triple in size. Today, our growth continues across the United States. We study modern approaches to recruiting and utilize the best tools on the market.

Theresia Intag

Our Founder & CEO

Theresia has over 20 years of experience in the talent space, working for well-known brands such as Samsung, Yeti Coolers, and Bazaarvoice.

After decades of meeting thousands of people on either side of the hiring process, she knew exactly what team of professionals she could bring on to synthesize the most cohesive hiring team. Theresia and her company of top acquisition professionals work by a code of efficiency, effectiveness, and compassion.


Approximately 60 days after hiring Intag Consulting, Medvantx was able to fill 25 roles that had seen little traction in previous months. Managers were relieved to have precious hours freed up in their daily schedules.

“Theresia and her team were absolutely wonderful. From day one, they knew exactly what we needed. They were proactive. They were thoughtful about our processes, flexible when we needed them to be and willing to have tough conversations as issues arose.”
Chief People Officer of Medvantx

In-Depth Case Studies

Our clients say…

“One of the things that stood out to me was the way that Theresia listened so intently to what I was saying. Not only did she give me the undivided attention and personalized experience I was hoping for, she was also very easy to talk to and seemed to know exactly what Impero needed.”

VP of Sales at Impero Software

“Theresia and her team have delivered better candidates than we’ve seen in the past. They are groomed from the start so that by the time we get to the final stages of recruiting and are ready to make an offer, expectations are aligned and there are no surprises.”
Senior Vice President of Operations