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Complete Recruiting Solutions

Complete Recruiting Solution

We provide a total outsourced recruiting option that includes taking care of all your recruiting needs.

  • Assess the culture/for cultural maps / team maps
  • Advise on Social Media and branding to attract candidates
  • Ensure Interview process becomes more streamlined and competitive
  • Share Market data on salaries that is current
  • Provide a Recruiting Process Audit

HR Concierge

Our HR concierge service offers a customized and comprehensive solution, providing expert assistance in navigating the complex landscape of HR. From navigating complex employee relations issues and assisting with legal compliance to streamlining administrative tasks, our concierge service acts as your dedicated resource.

  • Execute onboarding/offboarding
  • Design strategies for retention/satisfaction
  • Conduct HR audits such as I-9s, timesheets, PTO, benefits, and more
  • Develop needed compliance artifacts: EE handbook, labor law posters, job descriptions, comp guidelines, disciplinary forms
  • Lead and process annual open enrollment
  • Manage benefit brokers & payroll companies as point-of-contact
  • Provide guidance on employee relations
  • Provide senior leader plus coordinator
Complete HR Services
On Target HR Service

HR Compliance Tune-Up

Optimize your business’s regulatory compliance with our HR Compliance Tune-Up. By proactively addressing areas of non-compliance, organizations can safeguard against potential legal liabilities, foster a fair and inclusive work environment, and ultimately strengthen their overall HR management practices.

  • Policy and Procedure Review
  • Employee Documentation Check
  • Recruitment, Hiring, and Terminating Evaluation
  • Compensation and Benefits Assessment
  • Performance Management Review
  • Workplace Health and Safety Compliance
  • Anti-discrimination and Harassment Check
  • Data Privacy and Security Evaluation

Compensation Benchmarking

With market data benchmarking, we can provide insights to help you create a competitive compensation strategy and elevate your retention efforts

  • Data Reliability
    We use three compensation tools to align national market averages
  • Custom Benchmarking
    Tailored options for industry and location
  • Confidentiality and Security
    Prioritize client data-security and confidentiality
  • User-Friendly Reports
    Receive presentation-ready reports and charts for executive leadership or board meetings
Complete HR Services
On Target HR Service

Right Level of Service

We meet companies where they are, providing the right level of service for your lifecycle stage:

  • For small companies, we provide a recruiter that focuses on your recruiting needs
  • As companies grow, we can add a Client Services Manager, Scheduling Coordinator and additional recruiters to ensure hiring goals are met
  • Likewise, we can scale with you on your HR needs with an HR Coordinator or HR Expert.
  • We focus on leaving our clients with a fully up and running HR and/or Recruiting Function
  • We also provide the option of simply augmenting with our Recruiting and/or HR Services to support aggressive hiring needs and expand your HR bandwidth

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