Case Study: Connamara Systems

A Partnership for Growth: How Connamara Systems Leveraged Intag’s Fractional Recruiting Model and HR Audit to Meet Business Demands

Connamara Systems is a leading provider of software engineering services in custom
application development for capital markets. In addition to their expertise in building trading platforms, execution and management systems and risk systems, they excel in constructing bespoke matching engines and exchange platforms for pioneering new marketplaces. With a diverse enterprise client base, including equities, digital assets, physical commodities, sports betting, and more, the Connamara team collaborates closely with its clients to create tailored software solutions that meet their specific needs.

The Challenge and Opportunity.

Since opening its doors in 2008, Connamara Systems experienced steady growth and built a solid reputation as a project-based software engineering consultancy. For the first two years in business, the company successfully managed projects and met client needs with a team of just 3 employees.

Addressing Recruiting Pain Points.

Over the years, demand continued to increase and additional team members were hired on an as-needed basis by a senior engineer who volunteered to take on the task. “We were very fortunate to have a loyal and dedicated employee who did his best to manage recruiting and HR on the side”, said Jim Downs, Co-Founder and CEO of Connamara Systems. “That worked well but it wasn’t his priority and it wasn’t sustainable. When he moved to launch a new branch of the company, we felt the void. We are a project-based company and found ourselves with projects sitting in the pipeline. We needed employees to move them forward.”

The Solution: Fractional Recruiting

Jim’s previous experiences with “traditional” recruiters had left him feeling overwhelmed, as they merely sent him stacks of resumes which he then had to vet, interview, hire and onboard. He wanted a more collaborative approach, with a recruiter who could step in and effectively manage the entire process. Someone who was skilled, self-directed, and able to quickly identify not only the ideal candidate but also a good culture fit. That’s when he discovered Fractional Recruiting.

Reasons Why SMBs Choose Fractional Recruiting

  • Cost-effectiveness
    Fractional recruiting reduces overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time recruiter, provides targeted expertise and offers flexibility in scaling recruitment efforts up or down. Additionally, it can positively impact the bottom line with a faster time-to-hire.
  • Expertise
    Fractional recruiters bring years of experience working with different companies in different industries, giving them valuable insight and knowledge on hiring best practices, candidate selection and talent acquisition strategies.
  • Flexibility
    Services can be adapted to meet the unique needs of any business, whether that means working on a specific project or providing ongoing recruitment support on a part-time basis.
  • Efficiency
    Focusing on recruiting can streamline the hiring process, saving time and resources for the company and instantly adding value to the existing team.
  • Existing Network
    Fractional recruiters have a wide contact network and can identify top talent both quickly and efficiently. They can connect businesses with qualified candidates that may not be accessible through traditional recruitment channels.

A quick search led Jim to Intag Consulting. “Once we connected with Theresia and her team, my employees were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. We’re a lean, process-driven team, so any gaps can really slow things down. Intag stepped in and acted as an internal partner, managing the entire recruiting process. They vetted job descriptions, scheduled interviews, handled candidate communications and kept our ATS up-to-date, which was invaluable.”

Results Make Growth Possible.

Within four weeks of working with Intag, Connamara filled 2 roles essential to their growth, including a Director-level position. “Intag was spot-on in finding not only the right [eople for the job, but also the right people for our company culture”, said Jim. “We even saved money working with Intag. Using their flexible business model, we paid approximately 30% of what a fixed-rate or contract recruiter would have charged.”

In addition to the recruiting efforts, Connamara underwent a complete HR audit. The company hadn’t prioritized HR in the past, exposing them to risk and vulnerability. Within 3 weeks, Intag analyzed the existing process and delivered a thorough report including actionable recommendations to better protect the company. “The value and insight we gain by working with Intag has been huge”, Jim stated. “Without question, I’d recommend them to anyone in a similar position. They are our go-to place for all things recruiting and HR.”

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