Case Study: Impero

Impero adopts “Fractional Recruiting” Model and Reduces Fees by 50%

Impero Software is a UK-based education software company specializing in remote classroom monitoring and management, as well as student online safety solutions, for education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, Impero is accessed by more than 2 million devices in over 90 countries. Its flagship products – Education Pro, EdLink and Insight – are utilized by teachers in over 30% of UK high schools and in more than 600 districts in the United States.

The Challenge and Opportunity.

After years of global growth and success, Impero saw an opportunity to expand its presence and increase revenue within the U.S. market. Online safety in the classroom had become a major concern and demand for solutions was on the rise. In order to position itself as a leader in the market, Impero needed boots on the ground. In February 2018, its U.S. headquarters was  opened in Austin, TX.

While establishing a second location and pioneering uncharted territory was an exciting venture, it also came with challenges. A strong sales team needed to be built – and built quickly – before competitors could start chipping away at market share. With no staff in place and no human resources department to rely on, the company reached out to “traditional” recruiting agencies – and got mixed results.

In October 2018, Michael Watt, Senior VP of US Sales, joined the team and quickly realized that something was off. “I started to feel like our objectives were mis-aligned,” he said, “they kept sending me overqualified, higher-end candidates in order to maximize their commission.” He decided that something had to change.

Creating Efficiencies with Fractional Recruiting.

A previous colleague referred Michael to Intag Consulting,  where he was introduced to the fractional recruiting model.

“One of the things that stood out to me was the way that Theresia listened so intently to what I was saying. Not only did she give me the undivided attention and personalized experience I was hoping for, she was also very easy to talk to and seemed to know exactly what Impero needed. Her specialized talent acquisition model really differentiated her from other agencies. It worked more like a partnership – where she took on the responsibility of searching for and screening candidates so that we could focus more time on building the business.”

It didn’t take long for Impero to start realizing successes with the Intag team. One month after partnering, they made their first hire.

Learnings and Results.

As a result of partnering with Intag, Impero was able to drastically reduce the number of candidates that they met with, saving both time and money. For every four candidates that the traditional agency would over, Theresia would have carefully narrowed the pool down to one. Additionally, the candidates who made it to an on-site interview were better matched to job requirements and, ultimately, 1 of every 5 were hired.

“To put it simply,” Mr. Watt said, “with Intag Consulting we saw better candidates in fewer billable hours. Their ability to function as an external HR management partner generated impressive results for us. I’d recommend this model to other small businesses and/or startups that find themselves in the same position.”

Intag Consulting is an Austin-based “Extended Recruiting Partner” that finds hiring solutions for growing businesses. With modern recruiting methods and sourced social media hiring tools, we act as an extension of your organization to find candidates that align with your business goals and brand needs.

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