Why You Should Consider Fractional Recruiting Over Traditional Recruiting Methods

When you think about recruiting, does your mind immediately go to daunting and expensive?

Perhaps you’re not using the right recruiting method. Traditionally large companies have a full HR staff to take care of all personnel needs. But for smaller companies, all those roles can fall on the shoulders of just one person. Whether you have a team but not enough resources for the number of positions you need to fill, or you just need temporary help, Intag Consulting has the solution that’s right for you.

What is Fractional Recruiting?

We create a true partnership with your team to determine your company recruiting strategy when you need it most. Similar to when a company temporarily hires a C-level executive to get their business on track, fractional recruiting has a similar concept. Our team of experts step in and manage the entire process, from candidate searches to a customized interview process.

What are the benefits?

We save you the expense of purchasing expensive search tools necessary to recruit effectively. Therefore saving you time by reducing the number of candidates you would have to review in a traditional hiring process. We can also recommend the best Applicant Tracking System for your needs and budget.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Fractional Recruiting Model

Experts at Your Service
Cost Savings
Scalability on demand
Increase in quality candidates
Consistent recruit-to-hire process