Our Approach.

We fixed recruiting and HR.

IntagHire helps CEOs, COOs and HR leaders with strategy as well as tactical needs, and provides the data and insights to help them grow.

Low risk, high quality

Clients can tap into us when they need us and do not have to commit to lengthy contracts. It is a low-risk, cost-effective, high-quality outcome approach.

“IntagHire’s ‘pay as you go’ recruiting model resulted in a highly cost-effective, high-quality hiring process for us and a strong partnership.”

Cindy Johnson

Chief People Officer, Vytal, a brand of Medvantx

Integrate into your team

We melt into your team, leveraging the same tools for recruiting and HR, and taking the same cost-conscious approach as your internal HR.

“IntagHire’s recruiting team seemed just like internal staff. The whole approach was seamless and transparent.”
Courtney Ray

VP of People and Culture, Medvantx

Thorough Intake process

We engage in an extensive intake process to ensure we are aligned with our clients’ goals and that we understand the culture to ensure a strong fit.

“IntagHire was a great find for StudioX recruiting and HR needs. They put the customer and customer outcomes first. It has been a great experience.”

Jeff Allyn

CEO, StudioX

Align with your business goals

We are High-level consultants who are laser-focused on the Recruiting and HR side of SMBs. Our approach includes connecting on your business goals and then aligning our services to accomplish those goals.

“I liked the concept of a different way to accomplish recruiting and HR. Having the flexibility to scale up or down my hiring as the business dictated meant that I achieved the most effective approach from a cost and quality standpoint.”
Jeff Allyn

CEO, StudioX

Hire right cultural fits

Our hourly model ensures that we are not driven to “fill a seat” to gain a high commission but rather we are driven to find the right cultural fit with the right skillset for the role at hand.

“If you need a team to hire right, get it done, and act as part of your team, then look to the experienced tech, G&A, and exec recruiters along with HR generalists at IntagHire.”
Cindy Johnson

Chief People Officer, Vytal, a brand of Medvantx

Data Insights inform hiring efficiency

We ensure complete transparency through the hiring process with critical data insights, so clients know how they are competing in the market with their hiring processes.

“IntagHire’s on-demand Recruiting and HR model has turned traditional recruiting on its head – less costly and with better outcomes!”
Jeff Allyn

CEO, StudioX

Starting and growing with IntagHire is simple.