Top 5 Advantages of an RPO Recruiting Model

We all know that recruitment takes planning, time and expertise. A bad hire will not only disrupt corporate culture and productivity, it can have lasting effects on earnings and, ultimately, the bottom line. Knowing this, it is surprising that so many small and medium businesses approach their recruiting efforts in such a casual manner. Office managers, admins, even CEOs think that they can source talent and find the right fit in addition to their primary duties.

The good news is that a solution exists and, in the recruiting world, is known as an “RPO” (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model. It is a specialized structure wherein a company partners with an external provider to fill either some or all of its recruiting needs. The external provider works as a white label partner and functions as the company’s internal recruiting team, or, as we like to call it, “extended recruiting partner”. The partnership can be arranged on a fully outsourced basis, a project-by-project basis or a combination of the two.

Below are the top five advantages of an RPO model:

IntagHire is an Austin-based “Extended Recruiting Partner” that finds hiring solutions for growing businesses. With modern recruiting methods and sourced social media hiring tools, we act as an extension of your organization to find candidates that align with your business goals and brand needs.


Experts at Your Service

For the same cost as hiring one senior recruiter, you will have access to an entire recruiting team and the expertise they bring. A lot of time and money is wasted on lengthy hiring processes or outdated technology. Additionally, you can bypass the time/expense of training a junior recruiter and focus on growing your business.

Cost Reduction

Small and medium businesses looking to fill under 20 positions save approximately 10-20% by utilizing an extended search partner and their recruiting tools. A large number of companies utilize headhunters and job boards that don’t produce or waste money through high turnover rates.

Scalability on Demand

Increase services when vacancies are high and reduce when positions are filled. This is especially beneficial if your business experiences any type of seasonality. Automatically eliminate unnecessary payroll expenses during down time.

Increase Quality of Candidates

If the person doing your hiring is pressed for time or managing other tasks, the chance that they are not asking the right questions increases. When the right questions aren’t asked, it is more likely that you will an expensive bad hire on your hands.

Consistent Recruit-to-Hire Process

Without a solid recruiting plan and proper training programs in place, it is very difficult to ensure that your employees are going to provide a consistent experience. Finding the right candidate is difficult enough, you want to make sure that once you’ve found them, you treat them well.

By nature of the model, businesses that use it experience immediate results and see the quality of their candidates improve.

At IntagHire, we partner with companies ready to take the next step of adopting an RPO model. Whether they are struggling to find desirable applicants, unable to recruit the right talent, or having to make tough decisions regarding unfit hires, we help them find a new approach to hiring.